Concierge Service Poland

Concierge Poland employees are ready to help the clients who have little time and appreciate any spare moment. If you need to have your everyday duties and issues planned, if you want to enjoy some special moments and make your dreams come true, as well as access luxurious and unreachable things – we will take care them all. 

If you lack time or possibilities to complete all issues on your own, our VIP service will do it for you.

We will be happy to take care of all your request. By assigning your everyday duties, you will have free time. Our purpose is to provide assistance in everyday life, in special situations, and above all we satisfy unusual needs and impossible wishes.

Most people are so absorbed by their job and career development that they have no time or will to perform everyday household chores or plan entertainment. Life is too short to worry about trivial and redundant problems – this time should be devoted to family or own pleasures.

With your time in mind, we offer our concierge services, that is a personal assistant who will meet all your requests.

At your request, we can help you in everyday or unusual duties, such as:

– renting a limousine and a driver – bodyguard / close protection officer,

– renting a limousine and a driver / chauffeur   / security driver ,

– booking a restaurant table,

– booking tickets for sport and cultural events, concerts, performances, recitals, matches, cinema,

– booking airplane and train tickets,

– sport events bookings,

– cultural events and concerts booking,

– travel and holiday planning,

– handling all sort of issues: offices, banks, post office, etc.,

– finding and purchasing gifts, gadgets, real estate and other,

– organizing private family parties,

– transporting children to and from school,

– everyday and special shopping,

– arranging visits to a doctor’s, purchasing medicaments,

– arranging visits to a hairdresser’s, beautician’s, etc.,

– delivering and collecting clothes from the laundry, tailor’s,

– ordering taxi/renting a car, chauffeur,

– ordering car service, repair; delivering and collecting cars from carwash, washing a car,

– taking care of animals, assistance with regard to vet and cosmetic care,

– taking care of a flat when residents are out,

– assisting in case of technical problems (recommendation, hiring a specialist),

– assisting in organizing holidays (house decorations, gifts),

– assisting in renovations,

 -assisting in doing cleanup,

– accompanying and taking care of the elderly and the sick (assistance in everyday chores, walks, visits at a doctor’s),

– organizing weekend trips, holiday leaves, etc.,

– booking hotel rooms,

– organizing event personnel (waiters, barmen), barman shows

– organizing aircraft, yachts,

–  managing spare time for children; transporting them from/to classes,

 – assistance in getting legal advice,

– translating documents,

– organizing family, business events,

– handling office issues (letter of attorney required),

– ordering and delivering flowers,

– delivering primary food and sanitary goods,

– providing driver’s replacement,

– finding a caregiver or child’s tutor,

– booking visits to fitness club or gym,

– providing a courtesy car,

– arranging a visit to a car service station,

– finding interesting trainings or courses,

– other services

The items listed above are only selected services from our wide Concierge Poland offer. We are ready to meet all your needs and satisfy the most unusual wishes.  

Protego Security Services  Warsaw Poland

Protego Security Services Warsaw Poland