Close protection

Polish police protects people but its strength is limited: availability, time of arrival and intervention, language barriers and for this reason bodyguard / close protection / private security in Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow, Poznan, Katowice, Wroclaw, Bialystok, Lublin,Auschwitz  and other cities ) seems to be a must. Another advantage of our service is the fact that our employees may also act as chauffeurs or security drivers and are certified close protection officers/bodyguards. Similar to the police, they have government authorizations (pursuant to the act on personal and property protection as of 22 August 1997) and relevant equipment, as well as the right to intervene in life-and health-threatening situations.


We advise all persons who stay or are going to stay in Poland and are afraid of such hazards as terrorist attack, kidnapping, riots or just want to perform their business duties or have a rest safely and comfortably to use our services. Our bodyguards/close protection officers are well-trained, know Polish realities and thus can assure safety throughout Poland  (Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow, Poznan, Katowice, Wroclaw, Bialystok, Lublin,  Auschwitz and other cities). It is possible to hire security to protect a group or groups. Our bodyguards / close protection offices may keep a high profile or blend into the crowd, or act as friends or family members (depending on our clients’ requirements).

All our security guards are qualified and certified protection officers (have special authorizations pursuant to the act on personal and property protection as of 22 August 1997). 

All our bodyguards / close protection officers have relevant authorizations (among others security licenses, issued by the Polish Ministry of Interior, and hold Polish authority CRB checks).

We are the only company in Poland and first in this part of Europe which renders integrated and comprehensive VIP protection and transport services.

Since we have our representatives in the largest Polish cities (  Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow, Poznan, Katowice, Wroclaw, Bialystok, Lublin, Auschwitz  and other cities  ), particular assignments are given to local employees who know well the neighborhood and buildings in which a VIP stays. Thanks to this, we can optimize protection and, if necessary, evacuate a protected person/VIP fast and effectively. We also cooperate with local police units and ambulance stations. 

Our bodyguards / close protection officers may also be responsible for the following: checking vehicles, rooms and persons who may have a contact with a protected person. They may also protect a VIP against kidnapping or assassination attempt. 

Before we start performing a personal protection task, we conduct a potential hazard analysis (considering a status of a protectee and a current situation in the country), we anticipate potential hazards and take effective steps and solutions to eliminate them. Our bodyguards / close protection officers have a many years’ experience and are able to predict and counteract hazards in the most extreme situations. When taking protection actions, we keep in touch with local law enforcement authorities. 

PROTEGO SECURITY POLAND designs and provides a new comprehensive personal safety system in accordance with suggested and arranged conditions and procedures that are concerned with a regular or temporary personal protection. We specialize in a discreet and effective protection (bodyguards / close protection officers may also wear uniforms and drive marked cars when being on duty – in accordance with our clients’ preferences).

It is also possible to hire bodyguards / close protection officers to perform service around the clock or when deemed necessary. 

We adapt forces and measures necessary to carry out a given order on a case-by-case basis.

Personal protection in PROTEGO SECURITY POLAND includes the following:         

– professional group of top specialists (persons with a long-standing experience in special forces),

– complete discretion – discreet protection, respect for privacy and secrets

– flexibility – services adapted to clients’ needs and preferences,

– freedom and comfort of a protected person.

Before we start performing a task, PROTEGO SECURITY POLAND conducts a potential hazard analysis, prepares a detailed protection plan, as well as critical situation procedures, and adapts relevant forces and measures. We also develop visit plans and travel plans for those who require protection.  

When protecting our clients, we also may provide medical support and medical transport to the sick and disabled.

As part of personal protection, PROTEGO SECURITY POLAND offers the following: 

– protecting clients and their relatives,

– preparing and securing the venue where the protected person is to stay,

– preparing and securing road routes and flights, 

– protecting property, residential buildings, office buildings, etc.

– assuring protection during business trips or holidays,

 -securing talks, meetings and business negotiations,

 -protecting business trips and foreign tours,

– protecting business meetings (anti-wiretapping checks and safety checks),

– securing concerts and concert tours,

 – other (according to clients’ requests)



All our personal protection agents satisfy the following criteria:

– height above 180cm ( above 5’9 ),

– age: 30-45,

– experience in the field of security in Poland or abroad: at least 5 years,

– have relevant authorization (inter alia security licenses issued by the Polish Ministry of Interior, hold Polish authority CRB checks and Police verification)

– command of English language

See the basic range of duties performed by our close protection officers / security drivers/ bodyguards in Poland below:

– direct protection against potential dangers,

– planning a safe stay in Poland

– checking venues/rooms/routes of interest,

– accompanying  during a stay in Poland (at work and on holidays, etc.)

– safety transport to/from the destinations in all parts of Poland,

– other (depending on the order or client’s preferences).

We employ professional close protection officers/bodyguards to secure persons in Poland. We have highly rigorous criteria of personal protection employee selection. All of our close protection officers/bodyguards are verified in terms of: employment record, criminal record, driving record, and reference checks. All of our employees speak English and other foreign languages fluently. Many of our employees worked in special forces of Polish police and Government Protection Bureau (equivalent to American Secret Service).  


executive protection poland warsaw protego security

executive protection poland warsaw protego security