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PROTEGO SECURITY Sp. z o.o. undertakes its business activities on the basis of the concession of the Ministry of Interior and Administration No. L-0322/13/, head office of the company is located at  Jana Kazimierza street 64/74, 01 – 248 Warsaw, Poland, NIP [Tax payer’s ID]: 527-27-00-300, REGON [Business ID]: 146862955, KRS [National Court Register] 0000475916.

To emphasize the importance of our company, we signed with PZU SA (Polish largest insurance agency) the commercial general liability in contract and tort. All our operations respect the law and are based on the act of 22 August 1997 on personal and property protection issued in the Journal of Laws of 26 September 1997 no. 114, item 740.

As a licensed and insured English-speaking security provider we guarantee professional service. We operate throughout Poland, our head office is located in Warsaw, we have our representatives in the largest Polish cities: Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow, Poznan, Katowice, Wroclaw, Bialystok,  Auschwitz and Lublin).

We are Polish best-known and most recognizable company providing bodyguard/close protection services, as well as VIP/chauffeur and limousine services. An increasing number of foreign orders and a set of letters of satisfaction prove that we render top and professional services:  

Our services are dedicated to all those who wish to work, visit and stay in the territory of Poland safely and comfortably.

Our policy is to establish close and partner-like relations with our clients and build trust, which is a basis for fruitful cooperation. 

We are at your disposal around the clock.

Confidentiality – all our employees ( chauffeurs / security drives and bodyguards / close protection officers ) have signed confidentiality agreements in order to protect our clients’ privacy. It is our top priority to assure privacy and discretion. Our personnel knows when to start a talk and when to remain silent. Being tactful and having good manners are features we pay attention to in the process of recruiting our chauffeurs / security drivers and bodyguards / close protection officers.

All our orders are always carried out at the top level. We are aware that our clients have special requirements and for this reason we make sure that VIP has the same chauffeurs / security drivers and bodyguards/close protection officers during the entire stay in Poland. Our employees will take care of clients, will adapt to their needs, will follow procedures and schedules in order to assure a safe visit of our guests without any undesired or unexpected events.

PROTEGO SECURITY POLAND WARSAW provides top-quality bodyguard / close protection services.

Our security agency focuses solely on chauffeurs / security drivers and bodyguards / close protection services and related issues – this guarantees our professionalism and high quality of services. Personal protection is not only our job, it is also a way of life and our passion.  

Protego Security management team is composed of top-class professionals with a long-standing experience in leading security provider enterprises that deal with Private Security and Executive Protection in Poland and abroad. Thanks to this extensive experience, we can prepare and carry out tasks related to Private Security and Executive Protection.

We closely cooperate with numerous specialists from the security business, among others anti-terrorism, law, criminology and shooting, and intervention techniques.

A simplified organizational structure and the fact that we operate in a small but highly-qualified team having a wide range of competences assures our effectiveness and fast reactions. We have advantage over competitors that have a traditional organizational structure. 

When working we maintain a regular and very close cooperation with local police stations and municipal police units in order to prevent crime and offences, as well as criminogenic events.

As part of a socially responsible business, we support charity and actively cooperate with St. Gezelin foundation. The purpose of our actions is to provide help to disabled and mentally sick children, children from problem or maladjusted families, as well as to provide assistance to the elderly and homeless (for more details see: ).

For us close protection / bodyguard services is not only a job but above all a passion and a way of life.

Every customer is different and we consider their requests, needs and requirements on a case-by-case basis. A choice of a proper close protection officers / bodyguards is a must. We always carefully select our employees so that they are a perfect match for a protected/transported person in terms of age, preferences, lifestyle or personality.  

Since we have our representatives in the largest Polish cities (Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow, Poznan, Katowice, Wroclaw, Bialystok, Lublin, Auschwitz), particular assignments are given to local employees who know well the airports, the area of interest, passages and routes, buildings attended by a protectee/VIP. Thanks to this, we optimize protection and transport in case of rapid evacuation of a protected person/VIP, and in the event of a danger – we closely cooperate with local police forces and ambulance station. We are familiar with the close protection/bodyguard market in Poland and we always cooperate with the security of buildings which our protectees stay in. 

We provide our customers with top luxury standards, comfort and safety during the entire stay and travel throughout Poland (at home, in the office, in the hotel or any other venue: Warsaw, Gdansk, Cracow, Poznan, Katowice, Wrocław, Bialymstok, Lublin, Szczecin, Lodz, Auschwitz and other cities).

We have a long-standing experience in close protection / bodyguard services and chauffeur / VIP / limousine services for foreigners. We cooperate with numerous foreign protection corporations and carry out protection and transport orders in all parts of Poland. Domestically, we cooperate with the Police and Government Protection Bureau (equivalent to American Secret Service).

Protego Security Poland management team is composed of top-class professionals with a long-standing experience in leading private security agencies, as well as personal protection and property protection domestically and internationally.

Thanks to this extensive experience, we guarantee a comprehensive preparation and performance of tasks related to Private Security and Executive Protection with regard to personal and property protection.

We render comprehensive close protection / bodyguard services, as well as VIP / chauffeur and limousine transport services to embassies, governmental organizations, show business celebrities and sport stars, representatives of international corporations, diplomats, private persons and all other groups from all over the world who wish to feel safe and comfortable here in Poland. We also provide security during internationally-renowned events throughout Poland.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of Polish market and following our customers’ requests, we plan, organize and carry out a short-term or long-term stay in Poland (close protection / bodyguard service, transport VIP/ chauffeur and  limousine services, hotel booking, translator’s/interpreter’s services, additional attractions and other at the request of the customer).

We are tactful and discreet, we prioritize our customers’ comfort and privacy, we act independently from cultural, racial, denominational, sex or religious differences. Personal protection is performed in accordance with Polish law (Act of 22 August 1997 on personal and property protection).

Our purpose is to assure safety and comfort and not to affect privacy. Our personal close protection officers/bodyguards identify, analyze and prevent any potential hazards and problems. When performing tasks, we are professional and discreet.

We are the only Polish and first in this part of Europe company which renders integrated and comprehensive VIP protection and transport services.


private security warsaw poland

private security warsaw poland